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Our Fallen

WO2 Roger 'Tas' McDougall

Died in Service, Australia, 27 July 2010

WO2 Roger 'Tas' McDougall passed away on the 27th July 2010 after his battle with cancer.

Tas McDougall enlisted in the Australian Army on the 22nd April 1980. He was allocated to the Royal Australian Engineer Corps.

Tas was a passionate and highly competent Engineer who served with the 18th Field Squadron of 2/3rd Field Engineer Regiment, 17th Construction Squadron, 21st Construction Squadron, 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment, 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, Incident Response Regiment, Defence Force School of Signals, and 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment.

His operational deployments include Malaysia, Namibia, Somalia, East Timor and Afghanistan.

During Roger ‘Tas’ McDougall’s service he was awarded the following honours, awards and medals:

  • NATO Non Article 5 Medal with claps ISAF,

  • Clasp ICAT to the Australian Active Service Medal, 

  • Clasp Timor-Leste to the Australian Service Medal, 

  • Australian Defence Medal, 

  • Second Claps to Defence Force Service Medal, 

  • Australian Service Medal clasp South East Asia, 

  • International Forces East Timor Medal, 

  • Australian Day Medallion, 

  • First Clasp to the Defence Force Medal, 

  • Australian Active Service Medal clasp with East Timor,

  • Return from Active Service Medal, 

  • Australian Active Service Medal with clasp Somalia

  • Australian Active Service Medal with clasp Namibia.

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