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The SOER Association is made up of volunteers who are mainly current or ex-serving military veterans of the Special Operations Engineer Regiment (SOER), the former Joint Incident Response Regiment (JIRU), Chemical Biological and Radiological Response (CBRR) and Incident Response Regiment (IRR).  Our volunteers have a unique understanding of the needs of our members, especially the wounded, injured or ill veterans, and their families. 

The SOER Association aims to promote the general welfare and prosperity of our members and their families and to assist in increasing quality of life through providing advocacy, well-being initiatives and welfare support services. To enable us to continue to provide these necessary resources and services to our veterans and families we rely heavily on corporate sponsorship.

There are many ways businesses and organisations can partner with us.

  • Once-off or ongoing Corporate Donation to the SOER Association

  • Workplace fundraising campaigns

  • Support a SOER Association Event or Program

  • In-kind donation 

  • Discounted pricing of services or products

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