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Our Fallen

Sapper Rowan Robinson

Killed in Action, Afghanistan 6 June 2011.

Sapper Rowan Robinson was born in Wahroonga, NSW in 1987. 

In 2006, Rowan joined the Army and after Recruit Training and Initial Employment Training was posted to the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment in Townsville. 

Rowan was posted to the Incident Response Regiment in 2010 where he completed his reinforcement cycle and was allocated to 2 Troop, Alpha Squadron. On June 6th, 2011 Rowan was killed in action during a firefight with insurgents whilst involved in an operation to clear a large cache of weapons in northern Helmand province in Afghanistan. 

Rowan took his job very seriously knowing that he was responsible for the lives of those who followed him through dangerous ground. His colleagues described him as a superb young man who was fit, happy go lucky and a great team member.  He was a dedicated and professional soldier whose skill belied his youth.  Those who had the pleasure of meeting him instantly warmed to him and his easy going nature made him popular with his peers and chain of command alike.

During Rowan’s service he was awarded the following honours, awards and medals:

  • Australian Active Service Medal with clasp ICAT

  • Afghanistan Campaign Medal

  • Australia Defence Medal

  • NATO Medal Clasp ISAF

  • Return Active Service Badge

  • Army Combat Badge

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